My Passion for Medical Aesthetics

Interview with Nova's Leading Doctor Luke Simmonds

My Passion for Medical Aesthetics

Interview with Nova's Leading Doctor Luke Simmonds

- Hello, may you introduce yourself?

Dr Luke Simmonds: My name is Doctor Luke Simmonds, I am a cosmetic doctor working at Nova Clinic. What I do is I work as a doctor. I have quite a holistic approach, so I like to make my patients feel confident by helping them achieve any goals that they are wanting to work on. 

- Where are you from originally?

LS: I’m originally from South Africa, so I’ve been practicing as a doctor for over 10 years now, but I’ve been in the UK for 5 years, and it’s a great honour to be able to work in this wonderful profession.

- What is the most exciting part about working at Nova?

LS: I love working at Nova Clinic, because it’s not only such a wonderful looking space, and it’s clean, and neat, and tidy, but the people who work here are wonderful. They’re really friendly, and they make it easy to come to work, it’s a great team.

- Why did you become an aesthetic doctor?

LS: My job is really exciting, and I get the opportunity to make big changes in patients who struggle with confidence, struggle with things that they might be self-conscious about. And the best part of my day is seeing, and achieving those goals for my patients. 

- What does your typical day at Nova look like?

LS: My typical day at Nova is a combination of consultations with patients who might be considering treatments. As well as performing any injectable treatments like Botox, and fillers, or doing the Endolift procedure. 


- Endolift has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, can you tell us a bit more about the procedure?

LS: Endolift is a wonderful laser treatment that we offer here at Nova. It’s a day procedure that has a tightening, as well as a fat break down effect. It’s a treatment that we do on the lower face.  We’ve seen amazing results with it, and it’s been comparable to a face lift. So it lifts, tightens any loose skin (skin laxity) which helps our patients achieve some of the jawline contouring, and lifting effects that they might want. So far all of my patients have absolutely loved their results with the Endolift procedure. They’ve noticed a lot more definition in the jawline, as well as skin tightening, skin collagen reformation, which has given them such a good texture, and quality to their skin.

- What does your schedule at Nova look like?

LS: I work at Nova on Wednesdays, and on Saturdays, and typically these days can be quite busy, so contact reception to make an appointment to see me.