Lip Enhancement: What you need to know about it?

We ask Valentina, Registered Aestehtic Nurse and resident Lip perfectionist at Nova Aesthetic Clinic


To boost the lips, what top treatments are there to look for in the clinic – and how do they work?

ValentinaLip filler products and techniques have improved greatly over the past 15 years. My preference is with a new technology micro needle which minimises discomfort and bruising and enables precision product placement for a natural look. There are numerous high grade fillers on the market and the product used very much depends on the volume and definition required. 

If you are looking for a treatment without injections the Lip Perk from Hydrafacial is a great temporary boost, ideal for plumping a little before an event.

If people are worried about “a trout pout” what would you say to them?

V: Believe it or not fillers are not ‘unnatural’. I only use fillers made from hyaluronic acid, a product found naturally beneath the skin, which is broken down gradually over time. The original trout pout, made famous by the likes of Leslie Ash, stemmed from the permanent silicone filler. 

More recent lip disasters come from over filling of lips with poor product, by inexperienced or even non medical practitioners. Choosing the right practitioner is key to avoiding the duck lips seen around, research your practitioner, check their qualifications, avoid beautician or non-medical injectors, and look for images of their work.


Any top tips when having a treatment done?

V: To avoid an unnatural look start conservatively. A good practitioner will advise against multiple syringes in one sitting, it’s better to build up gradually. Also explain that you are looking for a soft enhancement. The placement of the filler has a great impact on the end result and your practitioner should be able to tailor the treatment to deliver a subtle result. Filler placed around the border can reshape and enhance lips, but too much will result in an obvious projection of the lip and an unnatural result. Also be aware of quantities, many people think a 0,55ml syringe will give them volume and definition. Remember that 0.5ml is only one tenth of a teaspoon, and while we are good at what we do we can’t work miracles and achieve everything with a tiny amount.

How much do Lip enhancements cost?

V: Lip fillers should cost anything upwards for £200. Always avoid very cheap deals, quality filler has a high product cost and if a practitioner is proving a cheap service its usually with an inferior product which will break down faster or give an undesirable result. Many of the problems with unnatural looking lip fillers come from discount fillers administered by beauticians.

Any tips for boosting your lips at home?

V: There are many home use lip boosters, such as ZO Medical’s Lip rebuild, which hydrate and nourish lips, to help plump and soften. At home creams and serums will never give the volume created by lip filler and cannot help with lip a symmetry or shape correction, but can improve lip texture and appearance. 

Absolutely avoid any lip pen treatments which claim to shoot filler into the lip without a needle, or at home lip fillers. Any treatment, involving the delivery of product beneath the skin should be performed in a clinically environment by a registered medical practitioner (doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist).